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ONIKUMA G26 Wired Mechanical Keyboard and CW905 Wired Gaming Mouse Set

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ONIKUMA G26 Wired Mechanical Keyboard and CW905 Wired Gaming Mouse Set


1. Symphony RGB cool breathing light Cool lighting effects 20 kinds of adjustable,
one key to turn off the lighting effects, ergonomic high and low key layout adopts a
the streamlined design of height difference, which fits the movement track of the finger
up and down Lighter and more comfortable

2. The 89 keys are compact and convenient, with a larger space for movement. The
keyboard will give the right-hand mouse sufficient space for movement. The green
axis is crisp and sensitive, and the sensitivity is more accurate. Long-lasting percussion
life, crisp feel, sensitive response, comfortable feel, and stable performance. Feel the
same every time you use it

3. High-quality keycaps are wear-resistant and non-oily. The hand feel is more
delicate, has long-term wear resistance and the wear resistance is much higher than the
keycaps used on the market. It will not produce a greasy feeling after long-term use.
Comfortable tapping angle input is more comfortable. After the keyboard foot is
raised, it forms an 8 degrees angle with the desktop. With the arc generated by the 6
rows of keycaps, it is ergonomic and more comfortable for input

4. Crisp hand feel stable, sensitive and precise, long-lasting percussion life, crisp hand
feel, sensitive response, comfortable hand feel, stable performance, feel like every time
you use it

5. The cool gaming keyboard can realize full-key programming and custom macro
settings through the custom powerful driver, and the game and office can be switched
freely. We take into account all the use environments, and you can handle work &
games freely no matter where you are entertainment

Mouse product parameters:

Set model: CW905+G26

Working voltage: 5V

Working current: less than 100MA

Cable length: 1.5M

Weight: about 132g

Interface: USB

Light color: RGB

Type: Wired gaming mouse for PC/laptop

Support system: Windows XP/7/8/10/MAC or new system

Default DPI: 800 green/1600 purple/2400 blue/3200 red/4800 blue/6400 yellow

Keyboard parameters:

Type: wired keyboard and mouse set

Connection with computer: keyboard wired

Keyboard interface: USB

Mouse interface: USB

Working method: photoelectric

Photoelectric resolution: 800-6400

Whether to support plug and play: support

Is there a multimedia function key: yes

Whether to support ergonomics: support

Features: support backlight

Applicable object: notebook, home, game, office

Line length: 1.5 (meters)

colour: Black


size:352 x 124 x 37mm


Package Contents:

1 x Black CW905 mouse+G26 Black keyboard

ONIKUMA G26 Wired Mechanical Keyboard and CW905 Wired Gaming Mouse Set
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