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Power Supply BitFenix Whisper M 80 Plus Gold Full Modular 750W PSU, BP-WG750UMAG-7FM

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Power Supply BitFenix Whisper M 80 Plus Gold Full Modular 750W PSU, BP-WG750UMAG-7FM


High Efficiency Layout

As the name suggests, Whisper is an extremely silent power supply with an 80+ Gold Efficiency certification. Because of the high efficiency layout and use of high quality components, the Whisper is capable of functioning with a very low noise and heat level while providing stable currents at highest loads.

Intelligent Fan-Curve

Thanks to the use of an Intelligent Fan Control Curve the fan speed is intelligently controlled to minimize the noise levels while maintaining optimum temperatures.
Whisper can operate at room temperature with minimum noise even at 60% load, meaning that the noise level is dead silent even carrying out intensive work loads.

Industrial Quality Fan

Unlike regular PSUs, Whisper M comes with a 140mm FDB fan that starts working at a much lower voltage of 3.5v the fan can start working at 500rpm ± 10%. Because of these unique features together with ultra-low bearing noise and high life expectancy of the fan, BitFenix Whisper can operate at noise levels lower than 18dBA while PSU load is lower than 60% at 25°C

Ultra Efficient

Whisper is rated at a Power Factor of 0.99, and is extremely efficient with an 80+ Gold efficiency certification. With 87+ (20% to 100% load)/ 90+ (40% to 70% load) high efficiency design, Whisper saves both energy and money for the user while providing extremely stable power output at a very low noise level

Environmental Friendly

Generate up to 80% less heat and consume 30% less power than standard PSU’s. BitFenix Whisper also fully supports Intel C6/C7 Sleep States which consumes very less energy when the system is at sleep. With LLC, Active PFC & DC-to-DC circuit with an 80+ gold certificate, BitFenix Whisper Power Supply saves energy and your environment while providing unmatched power quality for your computer hardware.

Dedicated Quad Rails

A dedicated quad rail design together with an advance voltage switching circuit from +12V to minor rail provides the best stability and output quality. The main quad +12V rails on all BitFenix Whisper models are dedicated as Motherboard + Peripherals, CPU, GPU 1 and GPU 2 (450W and 550W models only come with GPU1). All of these rails have dedicated Over Current Protection (OCP) circuits to keep your High-End-components safe all the time

DC-to-DC Circuit

Due to the use of a separate DC-to-DC circuit to convert +12V to +5V and +3.3V, the output current from the Whisper is much more stable and smooth. This increases the system stability as well as the durability of components.

High Performance Cables

The specially designed flat ribbon-style cables and connectors feature electronic components to stabilize the power delivered to the components increasing the durability as well as overclocking potential of the components. This further reduces the power drop caused by modular connections and makes sure the components get enough power to operate at optimum levels

100% Industrial Japanese Capacitors

BitFenix Whisper power supplies uses 100% Japanese Industrial Capacitors ensuring tightest DC voltage regulation within ±2% and longest component life. Unlike standard Japanese Capacitors which are rated to work at a maximum temperature of 85°C, the Japanese Industrial Capacitors available in Whisper can function at a maximum temperature of 105°C.

Solid Capacitors

BitFenix Whisper use solid Capacitors to reduce up to 35% of ripple & noise to the motherboard that result in solid performance and high overclocking stability.

Support up to Industrial Servers

With availability of dual CPU 4+4pin cables on 750W and 850W, BitFenix Whisper not only supports mainstream systems, but also extreme over-clocking motherboards, dual CPU setups, Industrial servers and workstations

LLC Resonant Topology

LLC resonant topology brings lower power losses and boosts higher efficiency during AC-DC voltage switching. This maintains the stability of the output while reducing the energy wasted, mainly as heat, thus reducing the overall temperature of the PSU


Industrial Level Protection

BitFenix Whisper power supplies come with numerous protection mechanisms to protect both the power supply as well as components from poor power delivery

•Over Current Protection (OCP)

 •Over Voltage Protection (OVP) 

•Under Voltage Protection (UVP) 

•Over Power Protection (OPP)

 •Short Circuit Protection (SCP)

 •Over Temperature Protection (OTP) 

•No Load Operation (NLO)

 •Surge & Inrush Protection (SIP)



Connector Type


Output Wattage

750 Watts

Form Factor



750 watts

Power Supply Design

Full Modular

Item Dimensions LxWxH

13.31 x 8.27 x 6.19 inches

Item Weight

5.56 Pounds

Minimum Input Voltage

100 Volts

Power Supply BitFenix Whisper M 80 Plus Gold Full Modular 750W PSU, BP-WG750UMAG-7FM
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