XPG LEVANTE 240 Addressable RGB CPU Cooler

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4,699.00 EGP
4,699.00 EGP
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XPG LEVANTE 240 Addressable RGB CPU Cooler

4,699.00 EGP

XPG LEVANTE 240 Addressable RGB CPU Cooler

4,699.00 EGP

XPG LEVANTE 240 Addressable RGB CPU Cooler

● Asetek (Gen 7) All-in-One water cooling solution

● Large diameter copper plate Water Block

● ARGB Sync compatible with most motherboards

● All-Aluminum 240mm Radiator

● Low-Noise Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) Fan Design

● Pre-applied Low-Evaporation Coolant and Thermal Paste

● Hassle-Free Installation and Compatibility

● ARGB Controller

XPG LEVANTE 240 Addressable RGB CPU Cooler offers superb capability in stabilizing CPU temperature and maintain CPU proper functioning, with XPG ARGB lighting design that creates additional gaming atmosphere. 

Asetek’s All-in-One water cooling solution

XPG LEVANTE 240 Addressable RGB CPU Cooler uses Asetek’s latest cooling solution to ensure CPU temperature management is at the highest quality and result. Its thermally optimized copper plate with 0.15mm-thin micro channel, providing large cooling area and boosting heat exchange efficiency.

The 120mm ARGB Fans

XPG LEVANTE 240’s two Vibrant Dual Ring 120mm ARGB fans have 20 LEDs each, ARGB Sync compatible with most motherboards. It’s also quiet due to Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) PWM, its auto-restart mechanism (up to 40,000 hours at 40ºC of MTBF), and its Anti-Vibration Rubber.

XPG LEVANTE 240mm Radiator

All aluminum 240mm radiator ensures gaming experience to be smooth and consistent, with its 11 water channels to disperse water and heat at an insane rate. With two 120mm ARGB Lighting Fans, XPG LEVANTE 240 optimized the airflow and cooling performance.

Extreme Performance CPU Cooler

XPG LEVANTE 240 is an efficient heat-dissipating CPU Cooler. The pump circulates LEVANTE’s cooled low-evaporation coolant to the CPU, initiates the heat transfer from CPU to the coolant via copper plate. The warm liquid then travels away from the CPU through the tubing to the 240mm radiator, dissipates the heat from the radiator with the assistance of fans.

ARGB Controller

XPG LEVANTE 240’s external ARGB Controller allows users to switch Mode, Speed and Light functions of both the ARGB Fans and the Water Pump.

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